Four ways to create future success in 2017

by Lenore Champagne Beirne, Bright Coaching 


Once you’ve had the time to relax and recharge from the hustle of 2016, I hope you’ll turn your thoughts to how to make 2017 your most powerful year yet. Collectively, we need to focus this year on bringing our best to our communities and our world. This comes through our vision, jobs, resources, opportunities, and ideas.Do you know what you want to bring to life this year? This time next year, what will you have accomplished? Below are some ways to add momentum and sustainability to your vision this year.  

Join a community of creators

If you’re a solopreneur, leader of a small company, freelancer, or artist - find a coworking space or “third space” that brings out the best in you. Here in Brooklyn, attend Make it Brooklyn events and work from places like the CoLab Factory to meet fellow founders. Staying plugged in with a community of other creators helps add structure to an often very unstructured work life. It’s also a place to find solidarity in tough times, people to celebrate with in create times, and cross-pollination of ideas and resources.

Challenge 1: Find someone who will support you in hitting your targets this year. Set up some time with that person to decide what kind of support you’re looking for - strategic suggestions, encouragement, referrals, or just high fives - and the logistics - how often you’ll check in, and via what medium. This simple support structure can change the way your weeks go, and those more productive weeks sum to a better year.

Have a detailed action plan

A long-term vision isn’t enough on it’s own. Many people struggle to move from “What will I do this year?” to “What do I do today?” Take the time this month to lay out your plans, and display them in a way that you will regularly see them. Find the combination of hand-writing, calendar-ing, apps, and other tech that works for you.  For me, writing by hand is most effective for journaling and ideating. Then, I move to an app (Trello, Evernote, or a just a spreadsheet paired with Google calendar) that helps organize those ideas into daily to-dos and monthly milestones.

Challenge 2: Having trouble going from the big picture to the daily to-dos? Join us for a January workshop where we will do just that. If you can’t make it, also know that this step is a great time to enlist the help of a friend or partner. Have someone be a sounding board as you break the big vision down into smaller chunks. Then take a break, clear your mind, and write out the steps it would take to hit the first small chunk on your list.

Continue to play

Leadership requires your full engagement, and if you work in a young company, your work will be a mirror for your own mental state. Don’t forget to take breaks, to play, and to encourage the development of your own creativity. As a leader, the organization can only go as far as you can take it - use play to stretch your leadership capacity and in turn, your company’s growth potential.

Challenge 3: Find a way to play. Go for immersive, healthy, and energizing activities: take an improv class, dancing, making some art, or playing with a child can be great options. Alternatively, sign up for the next session at CAMP (Creativity, Art, Movement, Play) in NYC. This should be a fun one to commit to to get started.

Let your vision drive you

A little bit of work now will pay dividends later, so take the time to really let yourself see and feel your vision. Close your eyes and really imagine it. Then, write it all down. Consistent journaling helps to inspire you, and more importantly it helps you to maintain clarity on what should take top priority in the midst of a swarm of to-dos.

Challenge 4: Journal every day next week about what your life, your company, your customers, and your community will be like when you’ve accomplished your goal. Every time you re-read this journal entry, you’ll feel a pull from your vision. Set aside a few minutes each morning to focus on that visualization, and then let journaling become a full-fledged habit.

If you are looking for a partner to help bring your vision to life, I dedicate a good portion of my time coaching entrepreneurs. Here’s to building your future in 2017!  

Lenore Champagne Beirne | Bio

Now the mastermind behind Bright Consulting, Lenore is a partner for founders who are working to bring vision to life. She has 10 years of experience working as an employee, consultant, coach, and investor to startups and social enterprises. Lenore recently served as an a senior investment associate and founder coach at 645 Ventures in NYC. In addition to working with the founders and founding teams of venture-backed organizations, Lenore has adapted coaching frameworks to support corporate leaders and small business. She supported the development of and co-taught a new NYU MBA course, “Developing Managerial Skills” and coaches minority- and women-owned businesses via New York’s Small Business Administration. Lenore holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration (Finance, Marketing) from American University and an MBA (Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Innovation) from NYU Stern. 
Lenore is passionate about increasing founders’ capacity for leadership and their impact on their industries and communities.