Jean Adamson moved to New York City, NY in 1997 from Salt Lake City, UT to attend culinary school at French Culinary Institute in Downtown Manhattan. During school Jean landed her first job at Tribeca Grill a then staple in downtown scene. 

After graduating one of Jean's professors at FCI helped Her land a job at the newly opened hotspot Balthazar. Working there for five years with her last two years as Sous Chef.

Jean credits this job as the highlight of her career working closely with Riad Nasr and Lee Hanson shaped her management style and heavily informed her cooking style as well.

The months following Jean traveled to Europe and did a stage at The River Cafe in London, with a month of traveling and eating her way through Italy, France and Portugal on the hind end. Again, under the tutelage of the great women chefs at the River Cafe, Jean began to hone the the type of restaurant person she strived to be.

Upon returning to NY, Jean returned to the Keith McNally empire and worked as chef of the bakery and then Sous Chef at Pastis. After 7 years total for that restaurant conglomerate Jean felt it was time to begin anew and began consulting for Frank Prinzansano helping him streamline and organize his mini restaurant empire in the East Village, including: Frank's, Lil' Frankie's and Supper.

One year later Jean landed her first Chef gig at the newly expanded Freemans Restauant on the Lower East Side. Working there she met her soon to be partner in business and life Sam Buffa. Three years later in the embodiment of this coupling Vinegar Hill House was formulated. Six years later and counting Vinegar Hill House is still are "where we eat deliberately".