Morris B. Jerome is a Principal with JEMB Realty Corporation, a position he has held since 2006. In that role, he is responsible for commercial asset management and growth for JEMB Realty. As such, he oversees assets and acquisitions in the United States. He provides overall leadership to JEMB property management teams in the New York Region and is involved in the development of new projects, based on input from the operational side and customer appeal aspect. An integral part of the corporate team, Morris provides innovative vision to the company. Introduced to the industry early in his youth, he has acquired broad experience in real estate property management. This in-depth understanding enables him to envision a more strategic and creative approach while exercising sound judgment in identifying and evaluating opportunities for value creation. β€œAt JEMB, we promote a team-based culture, solid leadership and the continued fostering of strategic relationships with leading partners.”